Over 75 years of combined experience

Gianelli's is here to take care of you no matter what the need. Offering over 75 years of combined experience we at Gianelli's will make sure you have all the information you need to make an intelligent decision about your appliances. Sometimes there's no saving a worn out appliance. When that day comes, Gianelli's is here to make sure that you don’t have to over-spend. All of our Appliances are "Factory Certified" and tested extensively to ensure the highest quality. This is how we can offer the "best" before and after purchase support to you, your family and your friends.

It’s those home appliances that are the muscles of a home. They’re what cleans your clothes, washes your dishes and cooks your food. When one appliance breaks, it can really throw your entire life out of whack.

A Costly Endeavor?

Buying appliances is often like buying a car. You’re paying for the “luxury” of being the first one to use it when it’s brand new. One load of dishes or a tumble in the dryer instantly decreases its value. Now it’s a “used" appliance even though it's just as good as it was 20 minutes ago. There are many reasons why people sell their appliances even when they’re in great shape or almost new. It might be a sudden move and hauling those heavy appliances across state lines isn’t appealing, or perhaps someone expanded their family and want a larger model fridge.

Factory Certified Appliances

At Gianelli's, we only sell Factory Certified Appliances that are in top working order. After careful inspection and testing, we ensured that each item is safe and delivers optimal performance. We sell new and Factory Certified Appliances and new parts for your brand.

What our customers are saying

I heard about Gianelli's from my friend and bought a used washer and dryer from them before they opened their location on Folsom Blvd. It was a great price for the matching set and the 60 day warranty made me feel comfortable buying a used appliance. It has now been four months and I did not need to use the warranty.