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How Many Frigidaire Cooktop Burners Do You Really Need?

by May Fitzgerald

How Many Frigidaire Cooktop Burners Do You Really Need?

You see it all the time on home design magazines and Instagram: A single kitchen with two (or more) cooktops. What’s up with that? What’s that extra cooktop for? How many cooktops does a person even need? The answer is that it’s not about how many cooktops you have, but how many burners you need.

Most days, your reliable Frigidaire four-burner cooktop will be more than enough for everything you need to cook, but every now and again, the standard setup just doesn’t cut it. Whether you’re hosting for the holidays or having the kids (and the grandkids, and all their BFFs) over for family dinner, there will come a day that you might need to move beyond your current cooktop. So how many burners should you have in your kitchen? We’re here to guide you into the wide world of cooktops – don’t get lost!

Four Burners

A four-burner cooktop is the perfect size for singles, couples, and small families. Even larger families often find that they can get all their cooking done on just four burners! If you prefer a minimalist cooktop design but want a little extra capacity, get a cooktop with SpaceWise Expandable Elements.

Concentric rings around a heating element can be turned on or off, so you can adjust the burner size depending on the size of the pan you’re using. That means you can keep your cooktop compact without sacrificing the quantity (or quality) of your meals – perfect for homes where space is at a premium.

Five Burners

If your household is growing and four burners just aren’t cutting it, make the upgrade to an extra burner. Four burners are typically fine for your average cooking needs, but a fifth provides extra flexibility and a little more space for things like soups and sauces that you want to keep out of the way during the heavy-duty culinary action.

Frigidaire’s Professional line of gas cooktops also come equipped with PowerPlus technology – which includes precision heating and even higher cooking power – in their fifth burners, so you can use that extra space to sear and sauté to perfection.

Eight Burners

Why not double up with two four-burner cooktops? Max out your kitchen with two entire cooktops to give you total control over your heat, food, and space.

Placing two burners side-by-side can emulate the size and convenience of a professional rangetop, but increasingly trendy is the island cooktop and matching counter cooktop. By placing two cooktops directly across from one another, you have freer range of movement, and can easily access ingredients then get your food back on the heat without missing a beat.

Ten Burners

Okay, let’s be real, no one really needs ten burners. Not unless you have six arms and twenty-five mouths to feed. But need and want are very different, and if you’ve got family and friends over to visit, and plenty of loved ones who love to get in on the cooking, feel free to go burner-crazy! Just be sure to get a cooktop that makes the most of your counterspace.

Frigidaire offers high-speed induction cooktops that help get food off those many, many burners and onto the table faster than ever! You might also want to invest in a model – like the FPIC3677RF Induction Cooktop – that lets you transform two of those burners into one large heating element for grill pans and other oversized cookware. That way, you can get some use out of all that space even when your four sous chefs have the day off.

When the time comes to upgrade or remodel your kitchen, these guidelines should help you decide exactly how many burners you need to keep the hungry stomachs of your household well-fed. And if you’re still not sure or have questions about any of our Frigidaire cooktop features, give us a call! Helping you put dinner on the table is what we do, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to knock your next family gathering out of the park.